Group Meetings


05/24/17: Finding and Understanding of Alfvenic Ion Temperature Gradient Activities in a Weak Magnetic Shear Plasma, Wei Chen 陈伟, Southwestern Institute of Physics

05/24/17: Kinetic Electromagnetic Instabilities in an ITB Plasma with Weak Magnetic Shear, Wei Chen 陈伟, Southwestern Institute of Physics

02/24/17: Transport Bifurcation in Plasma Interchange Turbulence, Bo Li 李博, Peking University

12/09/16: Fast Particle Effects on Internal Kink Modes, Francesco Porcelli, Polytechnic University of Turin

12/06/16: Model for Sawtooth Oscillations in Tokamak Plasmas, Francesco Porcelli, Polytechnic University of Turin

11/29/16: Simulation of Geodesic Acoustic Mode Driven by Energetic Particles on LHD Stellarator, Hao Wang 王灏, National Institute for Fusion Science (Japan)

04/20/16: Temporal and Spatial Variations of Optical Auroras and Their Implications on Magnetospheric Dynamics, Jun Liang 梁君, University of Calgary

10/30/15: Microinstability Saturation in Toroidal Plasmas, Paul Terry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

10/09/15: “Flipped Classroom” and “Peer Instruction” Methods of Teaching Physics, John Goree, University of Iowa

10/08/15: Localized Viscous Heating Observed in a Two-Dimensional Dusty Plasma, John Goree, University of Iowa

09/17/15: Tokamak Edge Plasma Stability: Physics and Challenges, Linjin Zheng 郑林锦, University of Texas at Austin

06/23/15: Overview of Hybrid Kinetic-MHD Simulations with NIMROD, Charlson Kim 金智善, SLS2 Consulting

03/11/15: Evolution of  the Cross-Tail Current Sheet and Substorms, Miho Saito 齐藤实穗, Tokyo Institute of Technology


2018 NIMROD CN Workshop – USTC, Hefei, China, 12/29/18-12/30/18

2015 Fall ITER-CN Talent Program and ELM-MHD Workshop, USTC, Hefei, China, 11/7/15-11/8/15

2014 ELM-MHD Workshop, USTC, Hefei, China, 12/27/14-12/28/14

Doctoral Thesis Defences

11/05/17: Simulation of Poloidal Field System and Quasi-Single Helicity in KTX Reversed Field Pinch, Bing Luo 罗兵, (Dissertation)

05/29/16: Design of Power Supply System and Numerical Studies on Resistive Wall Mode in KTX, Wei Bai 白伟, (Dissertation)

05/28/16: Theory and Simulation of the Effects of External Resonant Magnetic Perturbations on Resistive Tearing Mode and Plasma Response, Wenlong Huang 黄文龙, (Dissertation)

05/28/16: Theoretical and Numerical Study on Dispersion Relation of Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Drift Wave in Tokamak, Shangchuan Yang 杨尚川, (Dissertation)

Doctoral Qualify Defences

05/12/17: Rui Han 韩瑞

05/12/17: Zhihui Zou 邹志慧

05/12/17: Haolong Li 李浩龙

05/12/17: Xingting Yan 闫星廷

05/18/16: Shikui Cheng 程时葵

Baccalaureate Thesis Defences

06/02/18: Dependence of Plasma Response and Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity Torque Induced by Resonant Magnetic Perturbation on q95 in a Tokamak, Zihan Li 李子涵, (Bachelor’s Thesis)

06/10/17: MHD Simulation Study of Infernal Mode in a Tokamak, Yawei Qin 秦亚威, (Bachelor’s Thesis)

06/10/17: 3D Structure of Magnetic Reconnection in Plasma Sheet, Zechen Wang 王泽臣, (Bachelor’s Thesis)

06/06/15: Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity in Tokamak Edge Plasmas, Xingting Yan 闫星廷, (Bachelor’s Thesis)

05/20/15: MHD Equilibrium of Rotating Plasmas in Toroidal Magnetic Configurations, Haolong Li 李浩龙, (Bachelor’s Thesis)

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